If a minor child needs a guardian of the estate, conservator, guardian of the person, or general guardian, or if you have a family member who can no longer handle their affairs, Davies Law can assist you with these guardian or conservator proceedings.

Also, Davies Law counsels guardians of the estate, conservators, guardians of the person, and general guardians in their roles for the minor child or judicially determined, incompetent adult. We also assist guardians or conservators with preparing the requisite inventories, accounting, and other documentation and subsequent proceedings before the Clerk of the Superior Court, Estates Division, or Probate Court.

Davies Law has worked with individuals and closely-held businesses in North and South Carolina for over a decade, assisting them with their tax and wealth planning needs. Contact Davies Law, PLLC, for an initial consultation. Our phone number is (704) 295-1001. Alternatively, you may contact us via email from our secure and private contact form.

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