The administration of a trust can be a complex endeavor and may require consultation with a legal advisor by the trustee or its beneficiaries.

At Davies Law, we advise trustees to alleviate the burdens that a trustee may face by managing every aspect of trust administration. This representation may include advice regarding the Uniform Principal and Income Act and the Uniform Trust Code, including the Uniform Prudent Investor Act.

Trustees and other fiduciaries are held to the highest and strictest duty standards, and unhappy beneficiaries or co-fiduciaries often sue for accountability. Davies Law advises fiduciaries on ways to diminish their litigation risk. We also recommend beneficiaries or interested persons with regard to their rights under the trust instrument and facilitate communication between the trustee and beneficiaries of a trust to resolve issues.

Davies Law represents fiduciaries and interested persons in contested trust matters and the modification, reformation, and termination of irrevocable trusts. We also work with trusts in disputes with tax authorities.

Davies Law has worked with individuals and closely-held businesses in North and South Carolina for over a decade, assisting them with their tax and wealth planning needs. Contact Davies Law, PLLC, for an initial consultation. Our phone number is (704) 295-1001. Alternatively, you may contact us via email from our secure and private contact form.

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